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Swimwear, Soldiers & Sportswear, Wrestlers & Workmen!
Sometimes it's the clothing that makes the man. In fact, sometimes that's exactly what makes him your type or mine. Beefcake photographers knew it: notice how often a sailor cap or a pair of army boots changed merely a nude model into a "real character". Even today's pornography fabricates stagy little stories and drags out cheap costumes to arouse those fantasies of ours that go beyond the simple mechanics of sex. But none of these contrivances ever capture the feel of sneaking a peak at the real thing: shirtless workmen on the roof next door, Speedo-clad volleyball players, firemen at the A&P. This section is devoted to just that: the real thing, the ingenuous, the artless art of the male as sexually attractive object in candid photography. These images have been culled from archives, photo albums, and bins of curling, old snapshots: formal military portraits, quick shots of buddies rough-housing, vacation photos of past lovers on the beach. Learn more about early male nude photography by visiting other sites, reading book reviews and purchasing titles of interest from our Links & Books page.

Military Men
You won't find any weekend warriors here! These guys really served. All photographs are original, one-of-a-kind prints, in excellent condition unless described otherwise.
M_LongNShortOfAirForce M_MFD011 M_MPs-3

The Long and the Short of It
circa 1940, $25
photographer unknown

WWII Portrait
circa 1940, $45
photographer unknown

circa 1940, $25
photographer unknown


Eastern European Soldiers on Rooftop
circa 1935, $30
photographer unknown

Brigade Initiation, 2 months after the start of WWII
1942, 5X7-inch glossy
photographer unknown
Inscribed on reverse: "Hartman 1, Wardiofino 1, Beauregard 1, File"

Sorry, this item has sold.

circa 1940, $35
photographer unknown
2½X3¼-inch glossy
Kiss, but Don't Tell
circa 1940, $30
photographer unknown
3X4½-inch glossy

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Uniforms & Under




Strongmen & Wrestlers

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