Naturist Movement Photographers
of Germany, Russia and Eastern Europe
The Naturist movement in 1920s and '30s Europe grew from philosophic and medical beliefs that large doses of exercise outdoors in the sun were good for the mind and the body. Writers, photographers and military leaders of the time all championed naturism, and none more ardently than the Germans. Thus in Germany, some military exercises were conducted in the nude and several photojournalists, like Gerhard Reibicke produced photo tableaus of the training sessions. In other Eastern European countries, photographers like E.V. Kankovsky followed suit. Today, the history of the naturist movement in Germany and the development of Aryanism, cannot be separated in the appreciation of these intriguing photographic works of art. Learn more about early male nude photography by visiting other sites, reading book reviews and purchasing titles of interest from our Links & Books page.

E. V. Kankovsky of Hungary

"Four with Ring, #3"
E.V. Kankovsky
(from portfolio entitled "Athlet Spiele")
Circa 1920, 9X6¼" sepia tone
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"Three with Ring above Head, #5"
E.V. Kankovsky
(from portfolio entitled "Athlet Spiele")
Circa 1920s, 9X6¾" sepia tone
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"Two with Spears, #6"
E.V. Kankovsky
(from portfolio entitled "Athlet Spiele")
Circa 1920s, $750
9X6¼" sepia tone

"Man to Man, #7"
E.V. Kankovsky
(from portfolio entitled "Athlet Spiele")
Circa 1920s, $650
5x7" sepia tone

Gerhard Riebicke of Germany

"Four Men with Balls & Spear"
Gerhard Riebicke
circa 1930, $290
4¾X6½" matte

"Four Men Running"
circa 1930, $290
Gerhard Riebicke
4¾X6½" heavy matte stock

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