Max Koch & Otto Rieth
"Der Akt" 1894-95
These large 12½-by-9½-inch male nude studies come from an incomplete portfolio of what had been a series of 100 collotypes from the photographs titled "Der Akt" by Max Koch and Otto Reich. These well-known photographs date from 1894-95, and this rare portfolio of collotypes was most likely produced around the turn of the century. Koch and Reich photographed a series of male and female nudes interacting with architecture. Often they employed mirrors, as they have here, to triplicate the model, creating an illusion of three figures around a single column. Each collotype image is print on heavy stock. Quality and clarity vary from good to excellent. Each page is 12½X9½"; actual image sizes vary. Title, plate number, publisher and photographer credits are listed at the bottom of each.

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