Bob Delmonteque
Bob Delmonteque was not only one of Douglas of Detroit's most popular models he was a gifted photographer in his own right. Working with models from the same Great-Lakes region, his images are sometimes mistaken for the works of Douglas, especially because Delmonteque marketed other photographers' photographs of himself. You can still see Mr. Delmonteque and his amazing physique today on late-night cable, in info-mercials for his own fountain-of-youth wonder drug. Learn more about Beefcake-era photography by visiting other sites, reading book reviews and purchasing titles of interest from our Links & Books page.

Delmonteque_MikeSill02 Delmonteque_NormanTousley02

"Mike Sills"
Bob DelMonteque
Circa 1950s, $1500
8x10" black & white

"Glenn Bishop Contraposto"
Bob DelMonteque
Circa 1950s, $750
8x10" black & white

"Norman Tousley"
Bob DelMonteque
Circa 1950s, $1500
8x10" black & white

Douglas_Delmonteque11_11X14 Bob Delmonteque
by Other Photographers

A tireless self-promoter, Delmonteque marketed not only his own work but images other photographers had taken of him.
At left is a sample of Douglas' images of Delmonteque, which can be found in his gallery.
At right is an image attributed to Dave Martin.
"Bob Delmonteque"
by Douglas of Detroit
see Douglas Gallery
"Bob Delmonteque"
attributed to Dave Martin
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