Arundel Holmes Nicholls
Exceptional and rare are the male nudes by early 20th-Century photographer ARUNDEL HOLMES NICHOLLS, noted primarily for his female nudes set in nature. Featured in the archives of the Kinsey Institute, his work is artistically composed, often giving an iridescent glow to his figures. The male figures are posed athletically as in the German naturist photos of the same time period. Here each holds a large medicine ball. These "plein air" silver prints date from the 1920s. For more information, please read the "Collector's Notes" below. You may also visit other sites, read book reviews and purchase books from our Links & Books page.

"Vincent Burke
on Water"

Arundel Holmes Nicholls
circa 1920, $450
7x10¾" silver print
stamped & numbered V4

"Male Figure on Granite"
Arundel Holmes Nicholls
circa 1920
stamped & numbered F1
sorry this item is not available

"Man with Ball - Y4"
Arundel Holmes Nicholls
circa 1920, $550
7X11" silver print
stamped & numbered Y4

"Man with Ball at Lake"
Arundel Holmes Nicholls
circa 1920
7X10¾" silver print
Sorry, this item has sold.

Collectors Notes:
Arundel Holmes Nicholls almost always identified his photographs both on the front and the reverse. He blind stamped his earliest prints with his first name alone, as seen here at right.
Later he placed his name and copyright in the negative, which usually read "© ARUNDEL NICHOLLS NY", as in the image at left.
The back was usually ink stamped "COPYRIGHT ARUNDEL HOLMES NICHOLLS" as in the image below. Later works included "New York" in the copyright stamp.
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