Studio Arax
Studio Arax of Paris produced exquisite work from the 1930s to the 1950s. The famous studio featured classic, athletic images of the handsomest young stars of Europe's movie screen and Olympic fields. One of the studio's easily identifiable logos and Paris address are usually printed in the lower right corner or border in the print, as well as stamped on the reverse. For more information please see the "Collector's Notes" below. You may also visit other sites, read book reviews and purchase books from our Links & Books

"Andre Drapp"
ARAX Studio
circa 1920, $450
7X9¼" matte finish

"Emil Bonnet"
ARAX Studio
circa 1920, $450
7X9¼" glossy stock

"Marcel Rouel"
ARAX Studio
circa 1920, $550
7X9¼" glossy stock

"Tino Crisa"
circa 1930
Stamped ARAX Studio
7X9¼" glossy stock
Sorry, this item has sold.
"Andre Rollet"
circa 1930, $450
Stamped ARAX Studio
6¾X9¼" glossy stock

Collectors Notes: These are the most common Arax stamps & imprints.
In early photographs, through the 1930s & early '40s, the name was printed in the bottom border.
This name print appeared in the negative of the actual image, usually in the lower-right corner of photographs through the 1950s.
This is one of several copyrights stamps, stamped in ink on the reverse of photographs through the 1950s. Earlier stamps often did not have the black border around the address.
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