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Our Collection
Our images come from all over the world, sometimes from our own or others' private collections, sometimes from auctions and other venders. We have learned so much in the process, from books, periodicals, other collectors, and well-versed buyers who write us with additional information. If you have more information about any item that we have posted on our web site or on eBay, please feel free to write us! We love learning more about the history of these fantastic nude and erotic photographs.

How BigKugels got its name

"BigKugels" is the name we first adopted as bidders on eBay in 1998. Our other collecting bug is for antique Christmas ornaments, and the oldest blown-glass ornaments are known as "kugels". Kugels were made primarily in Germany and France from 1870 to the early 1900s. They are thick glass ornaments into which mercury was poured, giving the ornaments its shiny coating from the inside, unlike later ornaments that are painted on the outside. The glass has the reflective quality of a mirror, and the ornament takes its color from the glass itself. They have brass caps with large brass rings and they are very heavy. You may have seen the recent reproductions sold in stores like Pottery Barn.

Anyway, "kugel" is simply the German word for "ball". So when we chose the name as Christmas-item bidders, we thought it had the necessary bravado--as if we were barreling into the bidding announcing, "Look out boys, BigKugels is here and he wants that tree-topper!" When we later decided to start selling vintage male nudes on eBay, we had to laugh at how applicable the name was in that category as well!

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We invite our colleagues in the fields of collectible photography, physique photography, muscle and fitness culture, or gay and lesbian art, services and history to consider advertising on our site. Our site enjoys an average of 100 to 300 hits per day, with our highest volume in the Early Nudes and Beefcake sections of our site. Pricing is listed below, though we invite prospective advertisers to contact us for first-time trial rates. Advertising is limited to standard banner size no larger than 72 pixels in height. Standard click through service is available on all web advertise; though additional pop-up advertising windows are not allowed while a visitor is at the BigKugels site. A sole advertiser will be allotted a single page-width banner per each page purchased. In the case of shared advertising, there will never be more than two advertisers per page. Sole advertisement on the site does not eliminate links to free and informative sites on the "Links" page. Nor does it eliminate references to web services such as counters, child-guard ratings, merchant services or any other services provided by our web host specifically for BigKugels e-business purposes.


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